Back pain is very common now a days and a lot of treatment are being offered to cure chronic pain but somehow there are some pains that just don’t go away. What really causes back pain? I’ve come across a great post lately and I want to share this with you. Hopefully, this can help people who wants to know what causes back pain. Enjoy reading!

Back Pain and chronic pain

Chronic Pain

Back pain is normally associated with old age making a lot of people suffer silently because of fear of being categorized in the “old age” bracket. It has been a wrong notion making many people go through a lot of health complication, and some even ending up disabled. The people suffering from back pains often complain of the severity of the pain such as “I can’t stand for too long. I can’t sit for too long.”

Common Causes of Back Pain

1. Muscle Tear

The most cause of lower back pain is muscle or ligament pain. If severe lower back pain comes so suddenly it is normally a sign of muscle tear, sprained ligament or disc problem. A slipped disc normally occurs when pressure on the disc causes it to bulge or rupture, pushing cartilage sideways, it presses on the cartilage causing severe lower back pain.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy can also cause back pain because the of the extra body weight, differences in muscle and ligament firmness and mainly because the baby’s head can compress the mothers spinal nerves.

3. Overweight and Obesity

Overweight and obese people are very prone to back pain due to defective posture and the extra force that increased body weight places on disc and muscles.

4. Injuries

Severe lower back pain is normally caused by injuries more so to sportsmen and drivers. The pain is usually deep, aching, stabbing or throbbing. When a tissue is affected, the pain can spread to different parts of the body.

Muscle injury is mostly the cause of lower back pain stretches. It makes one to feel pain at its worst in the daylight and gradually gets better with body movement. At times, exercises such as lower back stretches triggers pain in the body.

There are many uncommon cases, but very potential causes of back pain that do not involve injury to the back. They include pneumonia, gallbladder disease, kidney infections, stomach problems (e.g. ulcers, appendicitis), infections to the spine and tumors, etc. This infection normally causes lower back pain. If the sciatic nerve or some different spinal nerve is being compressed it causes pain all the way below the back of one or both legs. It may result in extended pain during coughing, sneezing or straining.

Some people didn’t know these diseases can trigger back pain and often at loss of trying to find what really causes their pain. Back pains can cause a lot of discomfort in day to day life routine. It can hinder a person’s normal life if left untreated.

There is numerous causes of back pain and often this result to a great disruption of the day to day life activities of a person.  It affects the income generation of the victims in one way or another. The causes are better treated early to avoid life complications.